Driving directions from the south (Crater Lake/Klamath Falls (on Highway 97).

1. At the city limit, Hwy 97 splits into 97 business district to the right and the parkway to the left.

2. Take the parkway about 3 miles from the city limits to exit 137 (Revere/Downtown)

3. At the bottom of the parkway ramp, turn left at the stop light.

4. Proceed 1 block and under the parkway overpass and turn left at the light onto Wall St.

5. Take Wall St. for ½ mile to the 2nd stoplight. You will be facing our charming downtown area. Turn right onto Newport Ave. (Street is called Greenwood to the left).

6. Cross the river, you are now on the west side and proceed 1 mile to 11th St..

7. Turn right onto 11th (Café Rosemary and Newport Mkt are on the corner) and drive up the hill 3 short blocks

8. Turn left onto Quincy (the street sign says Roanoke, but it is Quincy). Hillside is on the corner of 12th and Quincy on the northwest side of Bend.

9. 1 short block to Hillside Inn on your right. There are river stones in the yard and an illuminated sign and footbridge to the street. Turn right at 12th St. and pull into the driveway. Park in the driveway to the left. Welcome!!